0klman (0klman) wrote in promusicians,

Flowd Rolls Out Enhanced Offers As Part Of Its Frequent Fans Mobile Commerce Marketing Tool

Now artists can offer tailored campaigns to reward fans including discounts on new albums, exclusive tracks, merchandise giveaways, backstage passes and much more
WHAT: Flowd, the music lover’s social network, today announced a major update to its web and mobile applications on Android, iPhone and Nokia.
Along with enhanced features for the end user, the most exciting addition for music artists is Flowd’s enhanced Offers feature as part of Flowd’s increasingly popular Frequent Fans mobile commerce marketing platform. These enhancements give artists control to reward their fans with mobile coupons issued by a number of different trigger options. These triggers include location-based check-in through the mobile app, event check-in through the app, following an artist, posting to an artist’s wall and much more. These mobile coupons can also be awarded as part of a competition with randomly selected winners or as a reward for everyone participating.

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