0klman (0klman) wrote in promusicians,

DIY Media Expands In The Cloud, Integrates With SoundCloud

DIY Media, an Industry leading social commerce provider today announced an integration with SoundCloud, the world’s fastest-growing sound platform, to provide a “Creation to Commerce” solution that increases opportunities for musicians and artists to sell directly to fans.
By harnessing DIY Media’s cloud-based platform, those artists using SoundCloud may sell their tracks directly to fans around the world through their social networks and websites, using DIY Media’s easy-to-use social commerce storefronts.
“We believe this ‘creation to commerce’ integration is a powerful solution because it enables musicians to get to market faster and with a more refined and fan-supported sound than ever before,” said David Robb, CEO of DIY Media.
Alexander Ljung, SoundCloud’s founder and CEO, said: “DIY Media has demonstrated how it’s possible to create great new products and opportunities when integrating with SoundCloud’s API. We’re really happy to see this beneficial commerce platform become available to our users.”

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